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Occupy London 2011
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Menwith Hill Oct 16 2011

Toft Quarry and Sculpture Park, Portland, Dorset

Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Protest Oct 2011: Blockade at the Power Station

Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Protest Oct 2011: Bridgwater March & Rally

Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Protest Oct 2011: Nether Stowey Camp

DSEi Arms Dealers Dinner Bike Ride and Protest

The wonderful brilliant Garden Community Cafe, Cundy Road, London Docklands

DSEi Bike Ride to Arms Fair at Excel 2011

DSEi Musical Protest 2011

Pre-DSEi Action against Arms Selling seminar at Royal Bank of Scotland

Moreton Corbet's ruined Elizabethan Mansion

Peace News Summer Camp 2011


Menwith Hill, Independence FROM America Day, July 4th 2011

Earby, A Parish Map in Song, Poems and Illustrations

East Lancs CND at Burnley May Day Festival and Chernobyl vigils 2011

SELRAP Trackbed walks, April 9th 2011

SELRAP Convention, Skipton, April 8th 2011

London March Against Cuts March 26th 2011

Cycle Tour of the South 2011

Glyn Abbey revisited 2011

Mothers March, London March 12th 2011 & Parliament Square Peace Camp

Manchester March and Rally Against Cuts,
5th February 2011


more photos from my Scottish cycle tour

Images from OZ

Assynt, Acheninver Youth Hostel and the North West Coast of Scotland

Around Durness... and the John Lennon Garden

The Invisibles at Menwith Hill, Oct 2010

Thurso, the Flow Country and Tongue

Peace News Summer Camp 2010

Sleeperzzz Independent Hostel, Rogart, Sutherland

Independence FROM America Day, Menwith Hill, July 4th 2010

The Highland Clearances

Flame of Hope walk & cycle Dover to Portsmouth 2010

Aldermaston Big Blockade Feb 15th 2010

My Education ...and some other ideas on the topic

Shut Down Heckler & Koch Demo Nottingham Jan 18th 2009

SELRAP Funding Conference, Skipton Nov 2009

East Lancs CND Troops Out demo, Accrington Oct 2009

Target Brimar Demo, Manchester, Oct 2009

Menwith Keep Space for Peace, Oct 2009

DSEi Protests 2009: Arms Dealers Dinner Party and some photos from inside DSEi

DSEi Protests 2009: Day of Action in the City

Camp Ashraf Protest at the Foreign Office

DSEi Protests 2009: Confrontation at the QE Conference Centre

DSEi Protests 2009: Death in the Square & 4th Plinth

DSEi Protests 2009: Musical Protest & Reclaim the Future 5

The wettest place in England

Peace News Summer Camp 2009

Dancin' to the Stones

Independence FROM America Day, Menwith Hill, July 4th 2009


G20 Docklands Demo April 2nd 2009

G20 City bike tour and Climate Camp April 1st

G20 March for Jobs Justice & Climate, March 2009

G20 Critical Mass, March 2009

G20 Arms Trade Protests, March 2009

Wemyss Bay Railway Station, architectural gem

The Island of Bute

Missing Link III Skipton to Colne Special Train

Aldermaston Big Blockade, Oct 2008

Stop the War March Manchester, Sep 2008

Menwith Hill, July 4th 2008

Fords - the watery sort

Faslane Arms Around the Base June 2008

Aldermaston Bike Ride and Demo March 2008

Mad Jack Fuller's Follies

Blackpool & Richard Worrell's Bus Tour

family christmas 2007

2007 Global Warming Bike Ride & March

JMP Railway Study

SELRAP special train Oct 2007

Keep Space for Peace Menwith Hill Oct 2007

Reading Adventure Playground c.1968-69

Faslane 365 Big Blockade Oct 2007

DSEi Arms Fair 2007

Faslane Peace Camp

Faslane 365 Cyclists Action

Big Green Gathering 2007

Loch Lomond Youth Hostel

Independence FROM America Day, Menwith Hill, July 4th, 2007

Stop the War Demo, June 2007 Manchester

Faslane, Manchester Action, June 2007

Burma 1944-45

Burnley May Day Parade

No Trident Demo Feb 2007


Autograph book 1912->

Documentary photography course, Manchester

SHUT DESO, October 2006

Faslane 365 with Seize the Day, October 2006

Stop the War Demo, Manchester, September 2006

Stop the War Demo, Edinburgh, August 2006

The Big Green Gathering August 2006

Independence FROM America Day, July 4th 2006, Menwith Hill

My favourite cards & postcards,

Follies at Rivington, Lancashire,

Handshake on the Trackbed,

2005 Derby, Trident Ploughshares Demo,

2005 DSEi Arms Fair Week of Action,

Faslane G8 Blockade July 4th 2005,

Cyclepath Artworks,

Make Poverty History Edinburgh 2005,

National demo against Deportations and Racism Manchester 2005

Stop the War London Demo March 2005,

Aldermaston, Easter 2005,

Stained glass at Manchester Mechanics Institute,

My Favourite T-shirts,

A Pendle Quiz,

Mam Tor,

My favourite cycle ride home from work,

Brierfield Peace Garden,

European Social Forum London 2004 & Bush Out/Troops Out Demo,


Carry on up the Clyde, Faslane 2004,

other people’s photos,

the Ugly Bug Ball, Menwith Hill, 2004

Aldermaston 2004

Menwith March 2004

Manchester Labour Conference Demo 2004

Sep 2003 London Stop the War Demo

Stop the DSEi arms fair,

Friends from the 60’s,

Faslane Blockade 2003,

My Pennine cycle ride,


Leeds &

Manchester Iraq Demos,

Stop the War Demo February 15th 2003, London, 2 million march,

Favourite Cartoons,


My best photos album,

Street Art,


Independence from America Day,

Boulsworth Moor,

Family History Photos,

Big Green Gathering 2002,

Glynn Abbey,

Christmas in Trawden,

Notices, plaques & wall slogans,

Orrin meets the family&

Colne to Skipton Railway Trackbed Part 1,

Part 2,

Part 3,

Part 4,

Part 5,

Part 6,

& Part 7.

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Challenging Penalty Notices to stop racism & criminalisation
Posted by: Roy on Sunday, March 14, 2010 - 10:04 AM
Protest Penalty Notices (PN) are increasingly being used by the police against people accused of offences ranging from “littering” to “harassment”. Arrested and taken into custody, people are offered the option of accepting a PN and paying a fine under threat of being charged and taken to court, not realising that in many cases not only they are innocent but there is insufficient evidence for them to be prosecuted.

Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Legal Action for Women recently got a penalty notice withdrawn. It had been issued against the son of one of our volunteers, a young man who suffers from severe trauma and has been picked on by police on a number of occasions. We record below how we did it.
The government and police benefit because they are seen to be getting “results” without the expense of an investigation, and they profit directly from the money paid in fines.

In our experience, even the most committed and creative lawyers routinely advise people to accept a PN and few have developed expertise or put resources into challenging them.

What is a PN?
The Home Office says: “Penalty notices are not the same as criminal convictions. However, failure to pay your fine may result in higher fines or imprisonment.” What is not spelled out is that a PN stays on your record and can be brought up if you are charged with subsequent offences. You are even asked about them if you apply for car insurance! They are often implemented in a discriminatory way and contribute to the increased criminalisation of people, particularly young, Black and immigrant people.

Details of the case we won
On 14 April 2008, Mr G was charged outside his home by two police officers under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, and issued with a PN for “causing harassment, alarm or distress”. Mr G is a Black man in his 20s. This was the latest incident in a history of harassment Mr G has suffered from the police since he complained about being abused whilst in custody at Stoke Newington Police Station in August 2005. During the last two years, he has been picked up six times and taken into custody four times. No evidence of wrongdoing has ever been presented and no charges have been brought. Mr G has no criminal record. Since the 2005 incident, Mr G has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The police who arrested Mr G were informed of his mental health condition at the time.

A solicitor who attended the police station advised Mr G to accept a PN despite his assertion of innocence. Desperate to be released and in an extremely distressed state, Mr G agreed and was given a fixed PN fine of £80.
Knowing of the record of police harassment against Mr G and worried that the PN would be used against him in the future, BWRAP and LAW met with Mr G’s solicitor to ask what could be done to overturn the PN. He was initially reluctant to challenge the PN and made the case that the racism Mr G would face in a magistrate’s court would almost certainly result in a conviction and a criminal record!

We felt strongly that Mr G should not have been bullied into accepting a PN when he had not committed any crime, and were concerned that his previously clean record should not be tarnished. Given that Mr G had already been targeted by the police, a record would have increased his vulnerability to further targeting and the seriousness of its consequences.
We researched guidelines on the police treatment of people with mental health problems, and in consultation with his solicitor and Mr G’s family we wrote to the Metropolitan police asking them to “extinguish any further action on the Penalty Notice”.

Our submissions argued that:
In taking Mr G into custody and imposing a PN on him, “no consideration was given to his illness, which includes a heightened fear of being incarcerated”.
No consideration was given to the Independent Police Complaints Commission report that “being in a cell can worsen some individual’s mental distress; police custody suites may not have adequate health facilities to support an individual with mental health problems for long periods; about 50% of deaths in police custody are of people with some form of mental health problem.”
“Mr G has no cash income and lives on supermarket vouchers . . . he has no means of paying the Penalty Charge imposed on him.”
“It is not in the public interest to pursue a case against someone who is traumatised and who has no means of paying the fine.”

The police dismissed our representations. Mr G’s solicitor, encouraged by our efforts wrote threatening High Court action, citing that:
“The penalty Charge Notice system for alleged criminal offences has to be administered with great sensitivity given its reduction in the rights of alleged offenders and, most particularly those most vulnerable defendants of all, those who have mental health difficulties . . . “Crown prosecutors must balance the desirability of diverting a defendant who is suffering from significant mental or physical ill health with the need to safeguard the general public”

On 22 August 2008, the Metropolitan police finally conceded and agreed to take no further action, concluding that “it is not in the public interest to continue with a prosecution against [Mr G] in these circumstances.”

PNs are being used as a “sus” law (stop and search on suspicion alone). They give the police unprecedented powers to criminalise people, with the added power to extort money which police forces directly profit from. Like ASBOs and anti-terror legislation, they are part of a growing parallel criminal justice system where no trial or verification of evidence is needed to charge and convict. Hearsay evidence, banned in other court cases, can be the basis of the case – fuelling prejudice and vigilantism. Giving the police discretion to decide when to take action, knowing that they will never be scrutinised by a court and that they benefit financially from every PN they issue is an invitation to rampant discrimination and corruption. Not surprisingly, young people, particularly those from Black, immigrant and other working class communities are being disproportionately targeted and criminalised in this way.[1]

What happened to Mr G shows that with determination it is possible to challenge the indiscriminate abuse of these paralegal powers, and win. For the sake of justice we must do so.

[1] The use of PN’s has risen by almost 300% from 63,600 when they were first introduced in 2004, to 207,500 in 2007, Sentencing Statistics, 2007 England and Wales, Ministry of Justice Statistics bulletin

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