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$Id: README 17459 2008-02-09 17:11:37Z JensT $

*												*
* If you are using the *nix scripts you need:	*
* 												*
* GNU gettext Version 0.12.1					*
* Recommended Version is 0.16 or higher			*
*												*

Here's how to create a new GALLERY translation (1.4.1 or newer)

1.) Choose which version of GALLERY you want to translate. (We suggest you choose the newest)

2.) Download or make fresh gallery-XXX.pot (po template) files according to your choosen version by

        * getting a full copy of the GALLERY source code from CVS or
        * just get the gallery-XXX.pot file from the po folder via WebCVS

    XXX is the component name.

    Note: If you are using Linux/Unix and have the full source code you can create a new gallery-XXX.pot file from the source code itself.


	Normally you will not need to this, because the .pot that comes with the newest gallery should be up-to-date.
	Please consult with the translation team leaders before creating your own gallery.pot. 

3.) copy gallery-XXX.pot (po template) to your own .po file.
    Your .po Translation-File has to be named _-gallery_.po

    For example: 

       english, Great Britain -> en_GB-gallery_core.po


       deutsch, Deutschland -> de_DE-gallery_config.po

4.) Edit header Information correctly (charset etc ..)

    Note: A good tool to edit .po files is poEdit 
	  poEdit works on Windows Systems, too. It is available from

5.) Do your translation

    If you see something like: 

        msgid "Upgrading item %d of %d . . . "


        msgid "%s (%s), %s on %s"

    then leave the %d or %s in your translation. They are place holders for things like "time" or "times" or numbers. 

    If you have problems with the order, because in your language its different then in english. You can use the $ to change order 


        msgid "Upgrading item %d of %d" 
        msgstr "... %2$d ... %1$d ..." 

6.) If all translations are done

        * With Shell Access run

        sh -po _

    this works only on *nix System with bash 

        * Without Shellaccess:
              o use poEdit and create a file from your .po file
              o create a locale/_ folder
              o copy _-gallery_.po file into locale/_
              o copy into locale//LC_MESSAGES/

7.) Copy the nls.php file into locale/_ and edit it to your needs

8.) Test your gallery if the newlanguage works fine.

9.) Send your -gallery_XXX.po (ONLY THES FILES) to the GALLERY Language tracker
    If you dont have a sourceforge account, or have no clue about this tracker then send your .po files to me. 

Note: Please tell us for which Version your translation is! 
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